Massolle Lackierungen

Massolle Lackierungen

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Paint, Industrial Supplies Projects, Booth Designing, Car Repair Services, Metal Finishing, Galvaning and Painting Workshops

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Massolle Lackierungen




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Massolle Lackierungen
Handelshof 6
288 16


Powder coating

Bast provides powder coating in RAL and NCS colours and shades. The surface pre-treatment by degreasing and phosphating is performed before the coating itself. We have also our own blasting device available using steel, sand or ceramic abrasive.

Adhesive dots

Multi-purpose adhesive dots DotFix for sticking attachments and samples in leaflets and magazines, business cards, instructions in letters, CDs, information labels, temporary fixation in a package. Adhesive dots, gel dots are supplied in 1000, 5000 and 8000 dots and in 1500 dots on a reel to the hand gun.

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